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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Easter Bunny Table Runner

A Cute Table Runner From Remnants

Made With Die Cuts 


My Easter table runner

Sizzix Big Shot Pro, pads and bunny die

I bought this Sizzix die cutter and bunny die at a quilt show and had an idea for Easter.

I made bunnies!
 Two fabrics, one for milk chocolate Easter bunnies and one for dark chocolate.


Tasty bites out of those bunnies

I free form cut some bites out of the bunnies, because I just cannot resist a chocolate bunny.

Table runner strips sewn together

I collected Easter fabric remnants for a few years and came up with this arrangement of strips. I arranged the strips so that you will get the same view from either end of the table.

Raw Edge Applique

I used a heat bond fusible webbing to attach each of the bunnies and then a simple zigzag edge for raw edge applique.

Two table runners on the longarm

I actually made two table runners. One to keep and one to gift. I put them on the longarm with one large backing and one large batting and then trimmed around them to separate them when I was done quilting. It worked great with them together instead of messing with a skinny piece on the longarm.

Quilted bunny tail

I decided to quilt a small swirl of a bunny tail on the bunnies.

Something is really lacking here

At this point I am really not happy with the bunny tails.


Backing fabric
You can use either side of the table runner with this cute egg backing. 

Big fuzzy tail!

This looks much better.
 I shared my table runner with some people and several suggested a big fluffy fuzzy tail would look better than the quilted one. I am so glad I asked for opinions. Sometimes I just can't see what is needed. The quilted tail shows on the back of the fabric.

All done!
I am so happy with how my table runner turned out. It really adds some color and the bites out of the bunnies were a real hit.

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