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This blog is about my sewing and quilting projects along with some of my digital designs.  I have been using Flamin Cat Designs for years but Flaming Cat seems more natural to some people.

What does Flaming Cat Designs mean?  Hot designs from a cat lady. 

Some posts will be authored by Crazykittykat1. That is the account I set up with my cat blog and if I start a post with that account, I can't switch it to the Flaming Cat Designs count. Sorry for any confusion that might cause.

I hope you enjoy the projects I share here. I do not claim to be an expert but hope that sharing some of my process will give people ideas on how to do their own projects.

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Welcome to my blog about my sewing, quilting and digital designs. I also dabble in machine embroidery.  I am just getting this set up and ha...

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